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Experience and professionalism has been distinguishing Sechi Joinery for three generations.

We produce indoor and outdoor frames, furniture made to measure, Sardinian style furnishing handincised, restoration of furnishing and main doors.

Technology is at the sevice of tradition in the art of building frames and furnishing which overcome time tests.

The recovery of the drawings obtained from private properties centenarian chests togheter with the persevering and passionate research in the art of incision are essential parts of our way of working.

The sun, flowers, horses, mysterious facing birds, varied geometrical rosettes , Greek fret and interlacement decorations, make the setting of the principal furniture of the Sardinian house, “the chest”. Brought as a dowry by the bride, it contained the trousseau spinned, woven, sewn and embroidered day after day for months by the skilfull hands of the women, and all the family wealth.

The same ancient drawings decorateing the wedding àrcas and kascias and made the peasants’ and sheperds’ houses less poor, today give life and value to dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and transform furniture and decor fittings into components which, thanks to their elegance and strenght make every house familiar as familiar is the tradition.

Building up a furniture, a door, incising a chest isn’t a common work, it is an art which involves all the senses and put the artisan into contact with the whole history of his people in a passionate and never interrupted dialogue.

For this reason, the man who touches a piece of Sardinian handicrafts, is touching a piece of
history turned into Beauty.